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"Rogun is the property of the Republic!"


Tajikistan is committed to the sustainable and reliable functioning of the fuel and energy complex, which guarantees the country's energy security. In the strategic plan, the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power station is nationwide and regional in nature and is a real national idea, in which the main driving force is the people. The participation of every resident of the country in this ambitious construction gives the station’s many thousands the confidence and enthusiasm in creative and selfless work, which lays the foundation for a better tomorrow and the prosperity of the republic as a whole. In this context, the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric station is of paramount importance for the republic and is a national treasure, and this creates a reliable basis for ongoing social and economic development.
Solving socio-political and socio-economic problems, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, under the wise leadership of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the esteemed Emomali Rakhmon, based on past experience, increasing what has been achieved, using the natural and climatic potential, taking into account the requirements of scientific and technological progress, intends to in a short time to achieve certain successes in all areas of life, including the fuel and energy complex.
The idea of building the Rogun hydropower plant on its own, put forward by His Excellency President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomal Rakhmon, has found full understanding and support among the population and compatriots living outside the country.
The people of Tajikistan are confident that the contribution of each Tajik citizen will contribute to the speedy commissioning of the hydropower plant under construction and the strengthening of the republic’s energy capacity, and thereby will allow for the efficient development of economic sectors, the creation of new enterprises, production capacities, and on this basis to achieve all the large-scale programs and projects implemented within the framework of the "Millennium Development Goals Program". Therefore, the eyes of all are fixed on Rogun. In this sense, the construction of Rogun is a revolutionary breakthrough in the socio-economic life of the country. And this is natural and natural. "The energy of the people in the energy potential of the republic!".
At the current stage of socio-economic development of the society, the national economic complex created over the years of independence is working at full capacity, gaining the pace of development every year, confidently moving forward. In the economic space of the country, this component predetermines the solution of three fundamental tasks: first of all, it is Food Security; secondly, water and energy independence, and finally, the decision of transport and communication independence and access to the vastness connecting the republic with the outside world.
In order to achieve the objectives, it is necessary to make every effort and take the necessary measures so that the Rogun hydropower plant is built, and in the future it served for the prosperity and well-being of the people. And today it is safe to say that the progress of construction and commissioning of the station will give a new impetus to the entire national economic complex and will lead to the strengthening and growth of the power of our beloved Motherland-Tajikistan.
In the state’s energy policy, the Rogun HPP and the construction of new hydropower stations occupy a special place. Given the importance, and attaching great importance to the place of the electric power industry in the fuel and energy complex, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon with firm conviction set the task of using internal reserves and opportunities, to build the Rogun hydroelectric power station on his own. And this decision was subsequently repeatedly confirmed during official meetings of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan with heads of state of world communities at international forums, summits, speeches and meetings with representatives of business circles of the countries of the world. And the decision that without any help to build Rogun comes true, comes to life and has gained popular support and understanding on the part of hundreds and tens of thousands of people and various groups and sections of the working society, farmers, housewives, pensioners and the entire population of the republic. They, by their daily activities, thoughts, commandment of the heart, supporting all these undertakings, are ready to make their feasible contribution to the construction of the Rogun Hydroelectric Power Station - this truly grand construction of the century. The people, realizing the importance of this action, voluntarily and enthusiastically meet, connecting all this with tomorrow, with the well-being of the future of their children and grandchildren, knowing that all this will contribute to the country's socio-economic prosperity. With firm confidence, the whole country is ready to financially and spiritually support the thousands of workers of engineering and technical workers working at the Rogun hydroelectric station. At the station, a highly qualified, viable and close-knit team has been formed, striving every day.

  Distinguished Members of Majlisi Milli and Majlisi Namoyandagon,Dear Compatriots,In several days, the year of 2021, which was a truly historic and memorable year for the glorious people of Tajikistan and we marked the 30th Anniversary of the Independence and Freedom of our beloved Motherland in this year, will pass and our country will enter a new phase of its development and progress.I am delighted and honored to outline that the period of Independence is the period of patriotic aspirations and creative efforts for the sake of protection of Tajikistan’s independence and freedom, and development and prosperity of our Motherland for our glorious people.We all remember well that the first decade of Independence was an extremely difficult period of historical examinations ....>>>


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