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Oath-taking ceremony for recruits in military unit 6592 of the Internal troops Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan


Throughout its existence, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs play an important role in strengthening stability and calm, protecting public order and fighting crime.


With the support and thanks to the concerns of the Head of State, over the past few years, material and living conditions and services in the country’s military units, especially in the units of the Internal Troops Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, have improved in accordance with modern requirements.


Officers and soldiers with a high patriotic spirit proudly serve the Mother Motherland and mobilize all their knowledge and experience, skills and abilities in the name of protecting the achievements of the country's State independence.


The event, which took place today on the territory of military unit 6592 of the Internal troops Ministry of Internal Affairs with the participation of the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, veterans and parents of recruits, began with the performance of the National Anthem, and then the recruits solemnly took the military oath in front of those present.

During his speech, First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Militia Lieutenant General Alamshozoda Abdurahmon Alamsho congratulated the parents of the young people on this unforgettable, blessed day and confidently noted that the recruits will be faithful to their oath and will faithfully and conscientiously serve the people and the Motherland.

 It was also noted that protecting the Motherland is the civic duty of every resident of the country.

Continuing the event, parents and relatives of the recruits stated that today will be a memorable and unforgettable day for us and our children, since our children defend the borders of the country and serve the Motherland.

The recruits also made a speech, who noted that we promise to remain faithful in protecting the borders of the Motherland and firmly adhere to our oath and give ours in the name of the Motherland, if necessary.

The event ended with a ceremonial march of recruits.

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