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Traffic accidents


On January 27, 2023, at about 07:30 a.m., the driver of a Mercedes-Benz car driven by driver a man, born in 1995, a resident of Kulyab, while moving along the road of the village of Charmgari, due to icing of the road surface lost control and knocked down a pedestrian, a man, born in 1971, a local resident.

As a result, the man having received serious bodily injuries, died on the way to the hospital.
On January 27, 2023, at approximately 4:40 pm, the driver of the Opel-Astra car, a man, born in 2004, resident of Istaravshan, following from the Sughd region towards Dushanbe inside the Istiqlol tunnel lost control, went into the oncoming lane and collided with a «Shakman» truck driven by driver, born in 1998, a resident of Dushanbe.
Subsequently, the passenger of the Opel-Astra car, born in 2008, resident of Istaravshan, died in the hospital due to severe injuries incompatible with life.
On the facts of road accidents, checks are carried out, the causes and circumstances of road accidents are established.

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